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The Role of Talent, Skill Development, and God's Will.

In the journey of life, we are often searching for our purpose, our reason for being. However, hidden within each of us lies a unique talent, bestowed upon us by a higher power. This talent is not just a skill; it's a tool and platform for expressing and deploying our divine purpose or life assignment. By daily developing the right skills, we align ourselves with the will of God, making our purpose deployment easier and more impactful. Talent as a Divine Gift: The Bible teaches us that each of us is fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). Within this intricate design, God has placed unique talents and abilities, tailored to fulfill His purpose for our lives. Just as in the parable of the talents (Matthew 25:14-30), we are entrusted with gifts to be used wisely and fruitfully in service of our divine calling. Skill Development as Stewardship: Proverbs 18:16 tells us that "A man's gift makes room for him and brings him before the great." Our talents open doors an
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Unleashing Your Divine Potential: The Power of Talents in Serving Humanity

In the grand tapestry of existence, each one of us is endowed with unique talents and abilities. These gifts, often overlooked or undervalued, are in fact the very tools through which we can manifest the divine plan on earth. Whether you believe in a higher power, a cosmic order, or simply the interconnectedness of all things, one thing remains clear: your talent is not merely a personal attribute but a solution to the challenges facing our generation. Throughout history, individuals who recognized and nurtured their talents have left an indelible mark on the world. From the artistic genius of Leonardo da Vinci to the scientific brilliance of Albert Einstein, from the compassionate activism of Mother Teresa to the entrepreneurial innovation of Steve Jobs, each person tapped into their innate abilities to serve humanity in profound ways. But what exactly does it mean to serve humanity with our talents? It begins with acknowledging the inherent value of what we have to offer. Whether you


Your talent is the only platform God uses to communicate His plan through you to your generation. Without your talent, your calling and purpose won't be able to have a physical manifestation. Talents are natural ability God created along side with your existence as a tool for manifesting ideas, plans and life Assignment. The fact that your talent is natural to you does not mean it's worthless. Value your talent today. Every human was born naked but there is no single human that is born without TALENTS. You are not just with one talents, you have at least the minimum of four talents within you. You don't need to pray to have them; you were born with them. Every profession strives in the edge of a developed and polished talent of individual. Recognizing your talent will help you to understand your place in life and destiny. Acknowledge them, learn about it, and prepare to use them to add value to humanity. Talent is not a female or male but a humanity transaction. The things

Your Talent, Your Ticket

Your talent is a tool God gave you for profiting. Without your talent, you won't be able to participate in the plan of God. Your talent is the platform by which you practice your Divine Purpose. Divine purpose without embracing and constant development of talent is furstration. Your talent is the only ticket to being relevant to your generation. This is your identity in the place of impact and value. Your talent is God's investment in you and manifesting your talent is God's opportunity to manifest His plan here on earth. Irrespective how great the plan of God is, without your talent - God plan will never be able to find expression here on earth. There is no destiny realization and fulfillment outside your talent. It is that important and it's time for you to wake up. Fulfilling of your purpose is impossible when your talent is abandoned. Discovering your talent is not enough, constant upgrading is the only path to excellence. Your talent can only be effective according

Dear Writers (Part 2)

Becoming a healthy writer, you must understand the pattern of your originality. Pay attention to the pattern of your thinking pattern. Write in the same way you think. There is no body that thinks exactly and in the same pattern as you. You must utilize that unique side of you and stay original. You might learn from mentors and role models but never you step out of your own uniqueness. WRITE IN THE SAME DIRECTION OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND THINKING PATTERN. You need to write according to the pattern and direction of your strongest curiosity in your mind. Allow the questions in your heart to guide you and dictate where you invest more of your time, attention and effort. This is the reality that will make you the best in your own world. Don't stop writing until you have pressed into ideas and have expressed those idea through your writing. In other words, until your curiosity is appealed or satisfied with the simplicity and clarity of the ideas written, don't stop writing. Irrespective

Dear Writers (Part 1)

Writing can be a story telling, mind exposure, and a mission to help people to unlearn, relearn, improve, repair or adjust a specific idea or knowledge. Writing is a an inborn talent and to others, it is a skill that can be learnt. It is the act of expressing your ideas and thoughts for the benefit of the reader. Writing is not a game but an assignment. To some people, it's a war to attack a wrong idea. To some people, it's a rescue mission. To some people, it is a protect an idea. To some people, it is a mission to expose wrong knowledge. Irrespective of all I have written to introduce the art of writing, I will like to classify writing into two dimension; informative writing and instructional writing. Every healthy article or book must contain the informative and instructional dimension to help the reader to become and practice the knowledge gotten. Irrespective of the knowledge you are giving via writing, if your reader lacks the knowledge of practicing the knowledge shared

Talent & Kingdom Wealth

The only secret to kingdom wealth is TALENT. Any successful person in the kingdom is riding on good management and deploying of their talent. Talent is the inborn or learnt ability that have the capacity of creating and providing a solution to humanity. God does not give people money, he offers them talent. Your inability to cultivate, and deploy your talent will leave you in scarcity. Divine Favour is a response to the usage of a talent to some one that values the talent. Talent must be discovered, cultivated, deployed and montized. In this light, kingdom wealth is the transaction of a developed talent rending a service to some one that is willing to pay for the usage of the talent of the individual. The quality of the excellence your talent can generate will determine the quality of wealth you can command. Undeveloped talent is the beginning of poverty. No body is poor; we only have individual who lacks the discovery of their talent. Talent is not enough, you must constantly add skil